Train Station La Rochelle Ville

La Rochelle Railway Station / station La Rochelle Ville

Rating: 3.6
Аddress: Place Pierre Semard, 17000 La Rochelle, France
GPS: 46.152642 -1.145314



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Аbout Train Station La Rochelle Ville.

Ashraf ali

Оценка: 3

The place is good with different terminals for each bus route. And buses are on time with sitting place available to wait for bus. You can access the bus information centre present for more information about bus routes. Fairs and different travel passes available.

Antoine M

Оценка: 5

Gare de la Rochelle-Ville is a stupendous terminal dates back to 1878. I caught the train from Poitiers here (about just under two hours). The only disappointing thing about this station is the lack of lift! If you're travelling with huge suitcase, like I did, bonne chance! However, it's a massive terminal, very clean, staff on site who are always very friendly and helpful. Taxis are just outside the exits. There's café and eateries and waiting rooms available. Apart from all that, it's like a living museum with Mosaic on the walls. The marquise of main terminal is absolutely breathtaking. The clock tower, façades and the roofs and the mosaics are registered historical monuments by decree as of April 1984. So besides not having lifts here, this is one of the most stunning architectures I've encountered even for a train terminal.

Bel A.

Оценка: 1

We had a truly horrible experience in this train station. The toilets are horrendous and at the so called information no one spoke a word of English and also gave us the wrong information about buses. When we asked for a timetable they said they don’t know and don’t have any. So always make sure you double check with the bus drivers who we found to be more helpful in this case. Very disappointed by the service.

Ghulam Abbas

Оценка: 5


Rajeev Poduval

Оценка: 5

Nice clean and well maintained station. Very ancient.

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