Station Nice Ville

Gare de Nice-Ville / station Nice Ville

Rating: 3
Аddress: 06000 Nice, France
GPS: 43.7043505 7.2619986



Station  Nice Ville Station  Nice Ville


Аbout Station Nice Ville.

Nilisha Maheshwari

Оценка: 5

It's a really very beautiful city. The roads are neat and tidy. The city is charming and bright. The food Street and main area are quite lit up. The beach is superb. The people are sweet and damn pretty. The buildings and roads are quite historic and wonderful. The airport is also quite close to the beach. The city has a lot of hotels and tourism is a main aspect here. It is also quite close to Monaco and hence people usually visit the two places together! An amazing place to be and enjoy!

Lucas Rodrigues

Оценка: 2

This place need some options to stay when you are waiting your train. You can't found pubs, restaurants or other attraction inside the Gare de Nice-Ville.

Constantin Stoian

Оценка: 1

Outrageous, disgraceful, a shame. Awful experience . No toilets opened. They have no explanation, other than "we don't manage then". No alternatives. No support for people with disabilities. An awful conversation with the people in charge (I speak French currently). Shame on you..

Thomas Lack

Оценка: 4

Gateway to one of the most beautiful locations on the French Riviera.

Robin Bennett

Оценка: 1

We, as with many tourists, have brought euros with us on holiday. We expected, as in the UK, that it would be quick and easy to pay with bank notes either at a machine or at a manned ticket window. We were wrong. No ticket machines take bank notes. The machines accept coins...but unsurprisingly we did not have €20 of coins for our short and inexpensive day trip to Antibes! We then proceeded to the ticket office where prospective passengers have to take a 'now serving' ticket. We waited over 40 minutes in an overcrowded and stuffy room, watching how it was apparent that only one person was selling tickets for on-the-day travel, and being told by a rude, arrogant and self important member of staff that we were standing waiting in the wrong place. When it got to 10 minutes before the train we had to give up and go and queue for a machine...and pay by card. This was the most frustrating ticket buying experience ever.

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