Train Station Toulouse

Toulouse Matabiau Train Station / station Toulouse

Rating: 3.3
Аddress: 64 Boulevard Pierre Semard, 31500 Toulouse, France
GPS: 43.6113154 1.4537128



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Аbout Train Station Toulouse.

Hanh Nguyen

Оценка: 3

Very typical French train station with a few sandwich shops and a magazine shop. This train station is always busy and you have beggars constantly. They really need to install escalators to each of the platforms. I really feel bad watching all the older people and handicaps pulling their heavy bags up and down. They also need to open up the bathroom for the public to use for FREE! It’s strange to have to pay to use the bathroom after already paying for the train tickets.

Shivesh Karan

Оценка: 5

Located in the center of the city, easily accessible by metro. Trains are usually on time.

Lieve VdBulck

Оценка: 4

Railway station with good services: snackbars, waiting rooms, luggage deposit. Only no elevators to certain platforms and that's a big shortcoming for the elderly, fir parents with buggies, for people with big luggage bags or with a fysical disability! If you're lucky, security people wil help you when they see your struggle. But you'll have to take the stairs on your own most of the time. Railway station closes for the night (around 10 pm), only passengers boarding the night train are allowed to stay.

Tony Sheppard

Оценка: 4

This is a typical French city station. There is considerable development taking place at the front of the station. Plenty of shops selling food and beverages.

Ranji Collins

Оценка: 4

Good place for weekend visits .. Railway station got almost all helps for tourists .. well connected to other places .. those who travel to Lourdes .. Toulouse is a well connected point .. with low cost travel and stay .. train details are available in website .. lot of shops available in & outside of railway station ..

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